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Cascina San Cassiano has been working for more than two years with a large number of bloggers, whose contribution becomes more and more precious every day.

Italian cuisine is well-known all over the world, and the skill level of foodbloggers is very high because here "good food" is a statement, both during a quick lunch meal or in a "fine cuisine restaurant".

In the web pages of our bloggers you will find a wide selection of recipes, from starters to desserts, sorted by difficulty of directions.

Moreover Cascina San Cassiano periodically organizes "food contests" where the bloggers can prove their skills, and then publishes the modern version of the recipes, the "videorecipes", that "really show" these "third millennium cookers".

Finally some of our bloggers have appeared in the format "Interview with the blogger" published in the Cascina San Cassiano CHANNEL.

Here the list, in alphabetical and not of importance order, of our valuable partners with their delicious creations.

RECIPES (browse on-line the complete menu):




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