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    Ready to satisfy your taste!

Great news in the new edition of Cascina San Cassiano catalog, here you find many new products that will satisfy your "delicious taste desire"!

  • New organic specialties
  • New superfood pesto sauces
  • "Mara de Bois" Strawberry jam
  • Olive oil flavoured with white truffle
  • Tomato sauce with artichokes
  • Parmigiana sauce
  • Hazelnut pesto sauce
  • Black mulberry jam
  • Red superfruits extra jam
  • Black superfruits extra jam
  • "Alphonso" mango jam

Difrutta with STEVIA, the sweetness with less than 55 calories
(average value in 100 grams of product)

Now you can find tasty jams without sugar, sweetened with stevia.

But . . . What's STEVIA?

Stevia is a new entry for Italy, while in other countries it had been discovered ages ago.

It's a plant which comes from South America, its scientific name is "Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni", also known as sweet grass, from which it's possible to extract a sweet substance that can substitute table sugar, 100% naturally.

The sweetener power of this extract is 300 times more powerful than traditional sugar.

History of Stevia

Indigenous people from Paraguay used Stevia as medical herb already 500 years ago because of its properties:
  • zero calories
  • unlike traditional sugar or other surrogates like fructose it doesn't cause caries
  • it doesn't change glycemic index, so it can be consumed also by diabetic people
  • it has also anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antioxidant properties, further on it regularizes the blood pressure
Forget the nightmare of the calories and taste the "Difrutta with STEVIA" from Cascina San Cassiano.

You can try several tastes: blueberry, apricot, strawberry, blackberry, peach, orange, cherries and marrons.

Spread them on bread for your breakfast or snacks, or use them to prepare cakes and biscuits.

The result? Wonderful taste without the calories of a traditional jam.

Normally a jam with table sugar may contain from 150 to 300 calories per 100 grams of product (the value can change because of the percentage of sugar used to prepare the jam); Difrutta with STEVIA Cascina San Cassiano normally contains less than 55 calories per 100 grams of product (average value).

This value is very low if you consider, for example, that the calories of an apple are normally 45 per 100 grams of product.

"Trasgressioni d'estate: birra, sushi e cappuccino" Contest

The sixth official Cascina San Cassiano contest "Trasgressioni d'estate: birra, sushi e cappuccino" (Summer transgressions: beer, sushi and cappuccino) ended on september 6th.

Although the terminology may recall that concept, the contest had nothing to do with eroticism; the concept of "transgression" was in fact referring to the choice of the three main themes of the competition, which do not have anything in common: beer, sushi and cappuccino.

The winner is a blogger that we already well know; the second and the third in the final ranking instead are new entries in the hall of fame.

Discover the final results, by watching the video in which the judges Paolo and Ivano declare the winners, and all the recipes of the contenders!

Cascina Style

Having good taste, it’s not just about taste but refers to a general concept of lifestyle.

Go through our free web magazine that talks about recipes, fashion, art and much more.

Read Cascina Style on-line.

"Racconto d'amore, ricetta del cuore" Contest

The fifth official Cascina San Cassiano contest "Racconto d'amore, ricetta del cuore" (Love story, heart recipe), ended on march 31st.

The participants had not only to create a recipe and take some photographs, infact they were also asked to write a short story concerning a romantic episode of their life.

Discover all recipes, contenders, judges and obviously results!

Visit the official contest page.


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