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  Sustainability: the enviroment safeguard as stronghold
of the company’s philosohpy

Cascina San Cassiano slogan is “Trasparenti con gusto” (transparent with taste).

The philosophy which move this concept is strictly connected with the material that represent the best choice of those who care about the enviroment safeguard: the glass.

Transparent and strong, it doesn’t modify the content of the recipient, and allow you to admire it or better to “see through”, so the product presents itself in all its shine.

Many initiatives are promoting in this period the use of glass: The respect and the safeguard of the enviromental heritage follow also another path concerning the correct and responsible use of another important material: the paper.

Cascina San Cassiano cooperate with tipography that follow the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council.

For more information visit (italian version) or (international version).

  Photovoltaic: the renewable power which respect the enviroment

In order to help protect the environment Cascina San Cassiano has chosen a photovoltaic system to produce energy for its activity; the company is now completely independent from the energetic point of view.

The solar plant helps the planet by producing power from renewable source.

The advantages that come from the use of a plant which produces “clean energy” are many:
  • NO RISKS: the solar source of power is inexhaustible, the panels operation warranty lasts 25 years, the installations times are quite short, 1 day for a private plant, 1 months for a plant which produces 1 MW.

  • ENVIROMENT: the plant produces power where the energy will be used, without losses or dispersions, and further the image of the building will be better because of the eco-friendly feature. Also the value of the building will grow up.

  • ECONOMIC: the use of the power produced in the same place in which it’s generated optimizes the management costs
Meter: starting from November 2012 Cascina San Cassiano has produced with its photovoltaic system 230758,24 kWh, total of CO2 emissions avoided 161,53 tons (last update 01/03/2015).

  The “Sustainability taste”

Mission: one of the most important aim of Cascina San Cassiano is the diffusion of the “taste culture” of good italian food, and the development of typical italian products (IGP, DOP, DOC, PAT) and BIO.

This development causes many effects such as:
  • Support of the local agriculture: a large part of the raw materials used by Cascina San Cassiano comes from a distance equal or less to 60 km from our headquarter
  • Less pollution: thanx to the low distance from our supplier we can reduce the pollution level caused by the road transport of the raw materials
  • Less packaging waste: thanx to the low distances from our headquarter to our suppliers we can return to them the packaging after the use, and then they can reuse them, avoiding waste.
BIO products:
  • Cascina San Cassiano is BIO certified
  • Thank to the BIO products Cascina San Cassiano can reach the final consumer with healthy products
  • Thank to the use of BIO raw materials Cascina San Cassiano can reduce the impact on the enviroment where fruits and vegetables are cultivated, and at the same time generates demand of BIO raw materials, motivating also the enlargement of BIO culture.
Passion for “good eating” which Cascina San Cassiano tries to transmit can be also explained as “Bon vivre” philosophy.


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