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On the 6th of Sempember ended the sixth official Cascina San Cassiano contest: "Trasgressioni d'estate: birra, sushi e cappuccino" (Summer transgressions: beer, sushi and cappuccino).

Once again, the organization decided to test the skills of bloggers affiliated with the brand, but not only.

In fact, the competition was open to everybody, so all new bloggers who participated to the competition have becomed partners of Cascina San Cassiano.

The name chosen by the organization for this new challenge had multiple meanings, starting from its title: "Trasgressioni d'estate" (Summer transgressions).

Although the terminology may recall that concept, the contest had nothing to do with eroticism.

The concept of "transgression" was in fact referring to the choice of the main themes of the competition, namely the three foods/drinks that made the subtitle: beer, sushi and cappuccino.

Why this choice? First, because the three subjects, vulgarly speaking, do not have anything in common.

Sushi is typically associated with white wine, according to the most renowned chefs national and international, and cappuccino is a typical morning drink, even if someone, especially among the Germanic peoples, like to drink it after a meal.

The transgression was then to associate these three subjects, which were the themes of the contest.

Each participant has worked for one or more of the three areas, offering a recipe accompained by photographs and/or video, and possibly a PLUS.

Finally we can pronunce the typical sentence "And the winner is..." or better "And the winners are...", infact Cascina San Cassiano has given prizes to the first three in the final ranking.

Once again the results have been declared by one of the judges of the competition.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present Paolo, home brewer, beerblogger and food/beer pairings expert who has pronunced the results live from Gallo Wine Gallery, the official showroom of the brand Cascina San Cassiano.

And now, enjoy the 15th episode of "Interview with the blogger", that can be considered an "happy ending" for the contest.

Beside the contribute of the winner of the competition, Ileana, you will see the final comments by Simonetta (PR manager) and Serena (foodblogger), the two "female" judges.

Finally Ivano, beer expert, shows us a "live beer tasting"!

Here we are with all the recipes which took part to the contest:

Finally, our valued members of the jury:
  • Simonetta de Nisco: PR manager, content author of Cascina Style, official Cascina San Cassiano webmagazine.

  • Serena Grossi: foodblogger, author of the blog "L'omin di panpepato", winner of the fifth Cascina San Cassiano official competition, the contest "Racconto d'amore, ricetta del cuore".

  • Hiroya Otsuki: marketing manager, owner of the brand Primaveda, Cascina San Cassiano consultant for japanese market, sushi and orinetal cuisine expert, and protagonist of the first "Interview with the blogger" in English.

  • Ivano Rigo: beer taster, owner of the "Birroteca Terzo Tempo" in Alba, one of the best beer house in Piedmont.

  • Paolo Giacone: home brewer, author of the blog "DK's beer", food/beer pairings expert.

(From the left: Simonetta de Nisco, Serena Grossi, Hiroya Otsuki, Ivano Rigo e Paolo Giacone)

In the previous videos you could see Paolo, Ivano, Simonetta and Serena, now we want to show you also the fifth judge.

Hiro comes from Japan, he doesn't speak italian very well, so with him we've spoken in English.

To discover all the competitions organized by Cascina San Cassiano visit the "Events" area.



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