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Cascina San Cassiano’s philosophy is strongly linked to the territory where the company is located.

For this reason we pay much attention to the environment, and in detail to recycling materials used in our production.

All products are sold in jars, and therefore the material on which our attention is focused is glass: transparent, nice and above all recyclable.

This area of our web site is dedicated to tips on how to reuse our jars once you have finished the product.

As usual, even in this context, we decided to cooperate with a blogger: Pamela, author of the blog, who will amaze you with her art and creative potential in full respect of environment.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to introduce you Pamela:

"Recycling has always been my passion; for me it means reuse of used, old or somewhat shabby objects.

Reinvent and give them a new life is for me a source of great satisfaction.

Here I’ve started looking for new techniques and materials to be used in order to give life to all my ideas through various experiments.

My blog is based on this ideology, here new candles are created from old ones, garlands are done with any type of pruning branches, decorated with leaves, pinecone and acorns or shells collected from the ground.

So if you normally throw a used jar, here I try to turn it into a useful object, respecting my ecological ideal and giving free play to my creativity".

Here you have a tutorial, you can browse it or download it, in order to learn, step by step, how to reuse glass jars once you have consumed the product.

If you liked the tutorial, download it in pdf or swf and don’t forget to visit Pamela’s blog at

See you soon with further tips on recycling!


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