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This area of the website is intended to promote our clients, and aims to promote certain locations where you can find the brand Cascina San Cassiano.

Antica Corona Reale - Restaurant since 1815

The Antica Corona Reale, Gran Chef member of Realis & Chateau “family”, looks today at its bicentenary with the feelings of two centuries ago but the consciousness of today.

The Gian Piero Vivalda concept and target are focused on researching fairness in each detail, not only culinary but overall; but the essence, that is the feedstock, comes absolutely before everything, and with it the technics improvement meant as food optimization.

All this through study, delve and many experiences in award-winning kitchens all around Europe.

Together with the finest products from Piedmont we can add time after time luxury gastronomic products from other regions.

With the noble Fassone meat, Val Pesio wild mushrooms, Valle Stura lambs, white truffles from Alba, naturally fermented high mountain cheeses, “Helix Pomatia” snails and many other local delicacy all DOP marked, we can add prawns and crawfishes for the Ligurian Gulf, botargo mullet, Colonnata lard, Umbrian and Sicilian olive oils, Iranian caviar, just to mention some of them.

Isabella d'Este

Established about 20 years ago, Isabella d’Este is a show room in which you can find gifts, presents and gadgets of every kind.

It’s situated in Este, a city 30 km far from Padova in the north east of Italy.

The mission of Antonella Sinigaglia, shop owner with a long experience in the area of the christmas baskets, is to satisfy their devoted customer not only in the classical occasion such as Christmas or Easter, but during all the year, every time you want to “leave a mark”.

The idea is to combine gourmet food products with elegant gifts, paying attention to the equilibrium between quality and price, because customers are always more exigent, according the new trends.

Nessi - Casa della Merenda (Home of the Snack)

Nessi is an artisan company located in Bergamo, in the north west of Italy, divided in two laboratories: one produces bread, which in Italy is also known as “Arte bianca” (white art), and the other one is specialized in pastry.

The shop sells only high quality products of own production.

Thanks to the selection of qualitative raw materials, from certified supplier, and to the highly qualified personnel, we can offer our customers excellent products.

Il Rüsca - Gli antichi Sapori (The ancient flavours)

Open the door and you will find a warm and hospitable ambience with a double personality, in which you were welcomed by the owners.

On one hand you will meet the hearty and histrionic Lauro, that will invite you in the restaurant, in which you can find a traditional and typical “Vigezzina” (from the province of Verbania, near Switzerland border) cuisine, genuine and cheap.

However you can also try an exquisite pizza, cooken in the wood oven.

On the other hand you will meet the gentle and elegant Raffaella, an efficient advisor for shopping, especially concerning handcrafted gifts and carefully selected traditional food from Piedmont and Tuscany.

Here you can stop for eating in our restaurant, or for buying something special from our shop, or both!

Sure, after your choice, when you will go away from our “home”, you will already thinking to when you will come back...

Pasta - Welcome to a bench of surprising Italian products

In our shop you will find more then 40 kinds of real Italian pasta, more then 30 delicious sauces, olive oils and accessories useful to prepare pasta at home!

Then we will offer you also a great choice of exclusive gifts, in line with Italian cuisine quality!

Now trying the Italian gastronomic pleasure will be not so difficult as before!

Our shop is situated in one of the best shopping centre of Saint-Petersburg, “River House”, our address is Akademika Pavlova street, 5.

CheGusto - Passion for food

CheGusto, is an idea of two italian business men, who decided to bring their passion for food into Switzerland.

Thank to their passion, to their Taste and the professional service you will have the pleasure to try all italian flavours, from Langhe to Sicily, from sweet to salty.

Respect for genuine food, traditional methods and handmade.

The showroom is located in Lugano, 20, Maghetti Street.

Italia Delizie - More than 700 products available on-line

Italia Delizie, one of the biggest french on-line food shop, is proud to offer you more than 700 high quality food products.

Giuseppe, born in Puglia, in the south of Italy, will show you the great variety of italian cuisine, which includes products from every italian region.

A real Alì Babà cavern rich of original flavours.

All the products are affordable directly on-line, and also the show room is open to customers.

Giuseppe finds also what is impossible to find, and ship all over the world.

See you soon on Italia Delizie.

Discover all our products that you will find in the shops of our clients or in our on-line store!



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