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Cascina San Cassiano was born in Piedmont, in the heart of Langhe hills, the fascinating land of white truffles and unique wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco.

Cascina San Cassiano produces high quality food through a strict selection of Italian raw materials.

Our production goes from vegetables in olive oil, starter, ragout, sauce, to sweet delicacies such as fruit in syrup, jam, sweet cream and many more.

A bit of history

When Cascina San Cassiano was born in the ‘90s, the first purpose was the transformation of agricultural products of Rossetto’s family.

Placed in the heart of Langhe, in Piedmont, it established its first headquarters in an old Benedictine abbey (see image below).

Over time, due to the level of business growth, the construction of two modern warehouses of 6000 square meters became indispensable.

These new buildings are just next to old abbey, which was the original headquarter and that today represents the company logo which shows the outline of the main tower.

Cascina San Cassiano vocation for high quality food production comes from the area in which it is located.

In fact, Alba is considered to be the home of white truffle and prestigious wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco, as well as many other agricultural production of extreme high quality.


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